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Chinese Tutor Collaboration Idea

I have an idea. I'm not sure if it's fantastic or terrible, so want to see what people think.


You may have noticed discussions here about a free Mandarin Chinese video course for beginners which I am making with my Chinese friend. You can see them at:




Basically, we have 20 lessons so far with new ones added every 2 days. In each lesson, 5 words are taught and there are several translation activities with grammar explained when needed. When we get to 50 lessons, we will have covered all the HSK 1 vocabulary (we are not only doing those words though) and hope to continue after that.


Consider these lessons as a free textbook, but with sound. Each lesson builds from the previous and the vocabulary and grammar is constantly repeated to help people remember them.


My idea is to make a Skype group (Skype groups don't function great, but it's the best option for beginners) for the people learning using the course and for tutors here who want to help. It can be a place for general practising and anyone who needs some help or wants to know about Chinese in more detail, how to type, write, etc.


If you were to join as a tutor, I would send you an overview of the lessons (the vocabulary, translation activities and summary of the grammar taught), so that if someone were to say they were stuck on a particular lesson or grammar point, you'd know what they have learnt already. It would also be important that you can use pinyin well with tones as it would be necessary for most people and I know pinyin with tones isn't Chinese people's strong point.


I know for definite that some people would be interested in using the group to find a tutor too for 1-to-1 paid help - maybe for speaking practise (as they can't get that from the videos) or something else. The fact that the tutor would know what vocabulary and grammar has been covered by the student is a big plus.

So basically, the collaboration is...


you learn about the course, help others in the Skype group and maybe attract more people to the course;

and I give you a group full of students using the course, some of whom are looking for a tutor who knows what they are learning.

Jul 11, 2014 10:13 AM
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Lol, poor Matt, I saw your problem here, you missed "a few" or "some" in front of "Chinese people" in your statement, that's why such a heated discussion will happen. Like Owen said, if you say "pinyin with tones isn't some Chinese people's strong point", he'll agree with that, me too. But if you say Chinese people as a whole, he disagrees, so do I, you see someone else also holds the same opinion. You should remember you can't generalize a race by your predisposed opinions. I support Owen, his opinion is right. Though he talks in a humorous way, I really appreciate that, just this time his humor is expressing in another side. I see you seemingly don't know Chinese well( I didn't find any entry in your notebook and there's even no one bar in your Chinese level icon), I mean no offence but even you have some base in Chinese it's still ridiculeous for you to make random comments on natives' level. I don't think you level can surpass natives'. Truth be told, I've never seen any foreigner who's good at Chinese, they're very rare, like one in a million. Also, your answers are utterly wrong(I mean the 4 words you mention above), Owen has already given the right answer, please don't be a butt. 新闻联播 is somewhat like our BBC, you gotta watch it one day and you'll see our words are true. The broadcasters in this program speak the most standard Mandarin among natives. Even when it comes to writing pinyin with tones, sorry I still can't agree with you, I know a minority of Chinese are not good at writing it. But most natives can answer the majority of such questions correctly, I'm very sure about that. Your manner is just like a Chinese student teaches an American how to learn English, it's really lauguable. I'm not trying to rattle your cage, dude, but please don't be so silly, like Owen said:" Don't be a 逗比。“ 

July 14, 2014

Wtf, I'm racist, lol? This is one of the funniest joke I've ever heard, Mr.Chaplin Matt! Anyway, whatever you says, I don't care, and please don't follow me, I don't want you to be my follower. My students have never been confused about these tones, dude, don't randomly make a judgement before you see everything.

July 14, 2014

Lol, I suggest you stop arguing, Matt, still I identify with Owen(his answer is correct, both you and Sharry are wrong) and Knightman, and I must say racists are mostly white. 

July 14, 2014

Lol, you seem to have a bad eyesight, dude, " Even when it comes to writing pinyin with tones, sorry I still can't agree with you, I know a minority of Chinese are not good at writing it. But most natives can answer the majority of such questions correctly, I'm very sure about that." See my sentences here? Of course I know you're talking about writing pinyin with tones, I'm just expanding the topic a little bit. You're really lauguabe, most? If you say most older Chinese I would agree with you, cos they didn't learn the pinyin. But the youth does can make it. Whatever your Chinese level is, I don't think you can be better than us. Acccording to your logic, I may could say my English is better than you. I didn't say 你 in spoken Chinese isn't the 3rd tone, I said it might sound not like the 3rd tone(if you speak fast), but still it is the 3rd tone. You seem to have a comprehension problem. Are you really British, lol? And I'm not a racist, whatever you says, I don't care.

July 14, 2014

Lol, what a heated discussion here, it's really interesting. I've read all the replies below and I do agree with Owen and Knightman, Matt, sorry to tell you that. I know you have a good purpose, but that statement of you is absolutely wrong, that's why you'll receive so much criticism. I hope you won't say we're bullying you, rofl. I just like being straightforward, this is what I feel. Also, one thing I have to point out that your classes have some flaws, firstly, you don't start with pinyin and tones, any Chinese learner should start with initials and finals, more importantly, you don't teach how to write characters in your videos, it'll stop these learners' futher learning. I know it might be difficult technically. But still this is not the correct and systematic way of teaching Chinese. I'm not trying to rattle your cage, just like to be honest, haha.

July 14, 2014
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