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Does anyone here has experience teaching multiple languages to kids?

Since it's not easy to find any historical records from polyglotism in children. I'd like to find some people who are eager to share their personal experience as a parent or a teacher. We could share some good ideas about the way kids love to learn and the methods that works best. What's your experience?

Jul 12, 2014 7:33 PM
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Hi,I worked with kids 2 years ago . It was quiet difficult any way, they really liked body language .

Also learning something by playing games was so sweet to them .

They liked to learn new words by  colored big pictures on the board.

Always at the end of my classes we played a game ,  which they liked . it caused they don't get bored

in the middle time and they were looking for the last 10 minutes .

They could memorize songs very well so this was a good way to teach them words and phrases .

I hope my experiences can help you .

Good Luck .

July 13, 2014

I am not a teacher for kids. Nevertheless, when I stay with my wife sister's daughter who is less than 5 years old, I find it is very interesting that she like to learn every tones or languages from the grown-up familiar with her in a causual time. Maybe she just like to imitate what the grown up say when she is carefree, because when she is under pressure, she have no interests learning anything.

July 17, 2014


I suggest doing a google search of your topic within the site of "http://how-to-learn-any-language.com". Over the years, I've seen some very useful threads on this topic. I'm suggesting a google search because the site's own search engine is terrible.

Good Luck!

July 17, 2014

if your son or daughter would like to learn multiple languages with other kids (age 10-16 years old).  We have a free children's language group with members in different countries. We do online games and foreign languages activities with the supervision of their parents.  Parents and students are welcome to joint. Just let us know and we'll email you some information. Thank you for your consideration. 

July 17, 2014

A few years ago, I met the famous flamenco guitar player "paco de Lucia", and he told me that the reason of his sucess in life was a simple fact:"tienes que meter el culo en el fuego" (you have to put your ass inside the fire) In the beginning I thought he was rude using those type of words, but then I reaized than this type of vocabulary is normal in Spain. And furthermore he was telling me that we need to sorround ourselves with the situations and the people who can push our bottons, we need to stand carefully in the middle of the fire in order to move or we'll get burn. Now, if you apply this philosophy to kids, we can try to do fun activities that require speaking in foreign languages. Some ideas could be playing Mindcraft in Japanese, Desert cooking class in Thai, Roman teather play in Latin with costumes and all, Chess in Russian, guitar classes in Spanish, or just go to the playgroung with your own children language club and talk in Mandarin. The possibilities are endless. You just have to create the vocabulary of that particular idea, get a native speaker to help you fix your mistakes with grammar and pronuntiation and then go ahead and do it. Some words will be challenging in the beginning but with time we'll fix them(Just as you did with french or any other language). I hope you can find fun ways to teach your kids. Live with passion!!

July 15, 2014
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