Questions About English Grammar and Pronunciation:

* This  discussion  is  mainly  designed  for  the purpose  of  learning  English  through  asking  and answering  questions  in  the  English  language.


Let's start with a beginning discussion.


1. Introduce with your name.

    Example:  ( "Hello, my name is _____ ." ) 

2. State your favorite hobby. 

    Example:  ( "My favorite activity/hobby  is _____ ." )

3. Ask members about their interests. 

    Example:  ( "Do you like traveling?" )











Jul 13, 2014 12:33 AM
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I dare not tell my name (c):-). I'm just curious about everything (and see no reason to exclude drawing and guitar, though i don't draw/play). So supposedly i have no hobbies.

Olivia, don't you play go (aka baduk, weiqi etc..)? I see, you like Korea and Japan. Korea is the leading nation in go for a cople of decades. But the game still isn't well known in the West, so they have a small supportive community.

And they have funny obsession with 'those who plays better', with 'getting better', with teaching and learnin. So it's an easy way to get a lot of teens around whispering '(s)he's a <em>dan</em>!' (many of them 2 years later will play 2 dans better than you).

July 13, 2014

Haha, thanks for commenting.

It's okay to be a little shy, I am just hoping that this is a place where people can speak so others can read and understand what we are saying. As for any of your interests, thank you for sharing!


@KP ,I see you might have an interest in video games? I do not know much about what goes on in the world of gaming thesedays.


What exactly do you think brings you (including others) to  this site? Are you learning any specific languages?

October 1, 2014

My name is Olivia. My favorite hobby is to draw and play guitar.

July 13, 2014
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