Football and Sportsman Spirit?

Football is a very popuar sport and there is a term "sportsman spirit". Unfortunately we don't see this spirit in football. Of course there are rules of game and if someone breaks the rules he gets punished by the referee. But a referee can also make a mistake. 

In every court of the world you can appeal against any decision of a judge but if the referee is unable to make a right decision, his decision cannot be challenged later.

A worst example: A drug-addicted top class football player Maradonna shoots a goal with his hand and later proudly shows his hand and calls it "God's hand". Unfortunately the referee could not see it. Is this behaviour in accordance with the spirit of the game? Why no action was taken against Maradonna?

In football, players are trained how to fall down even if slightly touched by the opponent. They are told to commit foul if there is a danger of a goal.

There are other gentlemen's games like snooker and golf where a player tells honestly if he had made any mistake even if no one has seen it. 

Jul 13, 2014 4:59 PM
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I think it's a real shame that football has become this way. It's so unnecessary since we now have the technology to easily remedy this kind of problem without it being time-consuming, for example in cricket, basketball and tennis instant replay and other high-tech aids have been used for a while now to help referees make the right decision. As a result of not implementing this in football, the rules aren't enforced and as you pointed out, players are trained and encouraged to take dives. FIFA is so corrupt that it's ruining the sport.

July 13, 2014

shizenai, it is fine to use technology for correct decisions, but the use of technology is limited. A player has lilmited number of chances of appealing and if his appeal is rejected he will lose one chance. This is unfair and not every decision can be challenged.

But I was rather talking about the attitutde of players in the game than decision of referees. 

I read today that Maradona criticised a football referee for his bad decisions in the world cup game against Brazil. But he has no right to criticise a referee because he had himself set a bad example. Did he criticise the referee for not seeing his "hand of God"?

July 14, 2014

shizenai, i see it in a different manner. There exists the art of being a referee. In needs a skill.  I know, some people think the forwards are what football is all about. You aren't one of them, but you seem to exclude the referee from the show.

But to me it's combined skill of players, coaches and refferees. I don't want replays as I don't want robot players even in the lower divisions where human players play bad. It's an art.

Though this WC haven't shown us the best pieces of the art:(((( Either FIFA doesn't think it's an art ot all, or FIFA has a plot to convince itself in necessity of electronics, or FIFA misuderstood the competion between referees as competition between continents in 'whose referee will make the game a mess to a lesser extent'. Well, i'm glad that Uzbek referee was better than the Algerian one:/

BTW the main danger I see in the rough and dangerous play. I remember 4 cases of bones broken: Neymar, a face (!) in France-Switzerland, a hand (in a collision of 2 Nigerians), a leg (I don't remeber whose). I'm sure, there must be somebodies ribs to add to the list:)

July 14, 2014
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