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Correct my language, Please . . . I said correct it . . . OH, Whatever 0_o

Please forget my crazy headline,

and lets be serious here,

I think correction of others' mistakes in this site is one of the most important things,


there are 3 problems cause that the correction of language mistakes is useless,

and these problems from my opinion are :

1 - Just alittle number of members here who care about correcting language mistakes .

2 - Sometimes ( and I can say most of times ), Members who try to correct, just make mistakes and make it worst .

3 - If I made a correction for someone's language mistake, How will he/she know ? ( In case that he/she often leave a comment and never back to the discussion again, or if back, will just read the last comment ) .


From your opinion, What should we do to solve these problems and make this important thing activated in this site ?


Tell me your opinion, and remember to correct my language, OH, Whatever !!!

Jul 14, 2014 10:52 AM