Favourite movie (or literary!) hero/heroine/animal star

Personally my favourite hero is Indiana Jones, not because of his adventures and he always gets the girl but because of his character. He is one of those rare Heroes who never really plans ahead and makes mistakes. This makes him, in my opinion, the most human hero I know. On top of this he is of course smart  and tough. So what's your favourite heroic character?

Jul 14, 2014 9:11 PM
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My favorite heroic character is a person who solve  moral dillemas, who is strong(his soul).

July 22, 2014

Hello, John!

I have got 3 favorite literary heros. They are

Quasimodo ( from book by Victor Gugo "Notre-Dame de Paris")

Jean Valjean ( from book by Victor Gugo "«Les Misérables» ")

Jane Eyre ( from book by Charlotte Brontë)


July 22, 2014

I'm glad to see some comic book characters being mentioned. I think the comic book and manga are underrated in producing serious and believable characters

July 27, 2014

Erik Lehnsherr (XMen)

Maggie Fitzgerald (Million Dollar Baby)

Lyle Jensen (Manic)

Todd Bowden (Apt Pupil - the film, haven't read the book) 

Astrid Magnussen (White Oleander - the film, haven't read the book)

Henry Barthes (Detachment) 

Brendan Frye (Brick)

Veronica Mars

Sam Dawaon (I Am Sam)

Betty Suarez (Ugly Betty)

Enrique Vasquez (My So Called Life)

Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 

July 27, 2014

Just to resurrect this discussion. I have to say Sanjuro in Yojimbo is a very difficult character to place. Some can argue his actions are for the good of the town but others may argue that the way he does is it is wrong.

July 22, 2014
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