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<a href='/article/202/russian-idioms-about-the-body-eyes-' target='_blank'>Russian Idioms About The Body: Eyes (Глаза)</a>

In Russian, there are a lot of idioms that deal with the body, particularly the eyes. Most of our information comes from our visual perception. Let’s try to understand how «eyes\ глаза» are reflected in the language “picture” of Russian ...

Jul 15, 2014 12:00 AM
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Еще бы надо добавить описание

"С глаз долой"
"Глаза б мои тебя не видели"

July 15, 2014

Мне хочется также добавить,

'Стрелять глазами'


July 11, 2016

Еще можно добавить: "мозолить глаза", "с глазу на глаз".

July 29, 2014

In English if a handsome man walked by and I stared I would say he caught my eye. Do you use that phrase in Russian? 

If someone said "he struck my eye" in English I would think that the he in question  had hit the person saying the phrase.

Which could lead to some awkward misunderstandings! Very interesting article, thank you.

January 6, 2016

Hi there!  This is a cool article; the expression + in a story + a few examples...

Thx for putting it together :)



July 15, 2014
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