Let's to find the correct antonym of 'confident' here? why not let's discusses it here?

I always thought the opposite of 'confident' were 'inconfident' or 'unconfident'  but it aren't in the dictionary. However, Everytime I type these words, it's indicated incorrect in microsoft word on PC, Let's to find the correct antonym here? why not let's discusses it here? :) 


Jul 15, 2014 5:50 PM
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Unconfident possibly exists, but isn't said much.

Inconfident definitely doesn't exist.

As an antonym you could say 'shy', or 'unsure of yourself', but I think the best way to describe the opposite of confident is with the phrase 'lacking in confidence.'

July 15, 2014

Un-confident is spelled usually with a hyphen but is a word that is rarely used in general conversation. You might not have found it because of the hyphen. Here is a link to a thesaurus with lots of synonyms for un-confident that might be useful to you in the future as well:




Lacking in confidence and unsure of yourself like SuKi suggested are very good choices that are used often. 


Please ask if you have questions about the other words on the list from the thesaurus. 

July 15, 2014

Hi there Bill. 


It's easy to confuse the words different and diffident. Diffident is a word that even many Americans don't know. Diffident could function as an antonym for confident, but not different. 


Modest, like skeptical, in some extreme cases perhaps might make sense, but it is possible to be confident and still be those two things. 


Diffident is a little bit different than shy or modest. It's has a certainly quality of respect to it. You can be diffident when you feel that someone deserves your respect and honor so you choose to be subservient. 


I was thinking today that the way I use the opposite of confident is usually by adding negatives to the word confident. For instance:

I lack confidence in....

I am not confident that....

My confidence is just not there with...

I have no confidence in...

You give me no confidence....

I don't feel confident...



Modest and shy and diffident are all active qualities compared to a lack of confidence. Sometimes I'm not feeling modes, shy, diffident, I'm just don't have confidence. 


I think then that unsure is a pretty good antonym because when I don't have confidence I'm usually a little unsure of myself. 




July 21, 2014

I agree with you Dorothy, skeptical used for doubting purposes

July 20, 2014

Skepticism is a different idea than confidence. You can be skeptical and un-confident or skeptical and very confident. They are not related. 

July 20, 2014
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