Learning German, with Afrikaans Experience

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So I've decided to learn German. My native toungue is English, and I have learned Afrikaans in school (South African language). My question is, will this knowledge of Afrikaans have an affect on me learning German? I have a feeling that the Afrikaans words might contradict the German ones etc. 


Any thoughts?


Many Thanks


Jul 16, 2014 4:08 PM
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Well, I once had chatted with a guy from South Africa and sometimes we wrote things in our native language to see how well the other one can understands it. And with a bit of help and guessing we were able to understand each other ('though we switched back to English afterwards; and I'm only talking about written stuff right now).
I think in this matter Afrikaans is similiar to Dutch, regarding on how well we can understand each other. I guess you have with English and Afrikaans a good basis to start learning (well, at least better as someone who doesn't have this knowdlege).
Otherwise I can only suggest that you try to see similiarities to your own language and German but don't mix it. (Like, a really "Germanish English" mistake which is often done by younger learnes is something like "It gives apples.". In German we say "Es gibt Äpfel" but in English you say "There are apples". Just a short example. Different prepositions can also be confusing sometimes)
Well, I don't want to scare you off now from learning German, I think you can learn it. Especially, when you try hard, stay motivated and learn continously! :D


July 17, 2014

Surely they can, but why this may be an obstacle? Usually, some knowlege of the related languges is considered an advantage... I know, you're waiting answers from German speakers. But you are the first person I met, who thinks it's harmful. I was attracted by the mention of Afrikaans in the title. I learned it for some time:)

July 16, 2014

Thanks for the insight, Niklas! I look forward to (one day) speaking some German with you :)

July 17, 2014

Hi K P. Sorry if I came off as thinking that it would be harmful. Perhaps you're right in it helping me learn the language.


P.S. If you're ever wondering about anything in Afrikaans, kan jy met my praat! :)

July 16, 2014