Why do you think " private lessons " is good ?

Hi , I know from experiencing  private lessons can boost the language learning and they have many wonderful factors , But which the most exciting thing of hiring a teacher and take lessons ?

1- Knowing how it works : private teacher can help me in arranging a course that suit my level and develop it.

2- Speaking : have a conversations with the teacher means learning the language perfectly 

3- enthusiasm : learning a lone would be boring compared with someone who stay with me hand to hand in the process of learning , that means have the power at the top all the time 

4-time : learning the language with a private teacher would be much faster than learning a lone , that would be a huge investment of time. 


Write any other points that you think they should be mentioned 


Good luck for all of you guys , 


Jul 19, 2014 12:07 AM
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Waiting for your comments :)

July 19, 2014