Jennifer N.
Utilizing Social Media for learning outside the box.

Hi English learners! I just read a notebook entry about someone using social media to practice language skills and think stepping outside of the box to practice language is so important! There are so many different ways to practice language skills, and with the increase of social media, I think it's a great tool to use. I wanted to share my Instagram account which has various English hints and tips, including: vocabulary/idioms, quotes, grammar information, etc.. Comments on pictures are ways to build confidence in and fluency in writing, even if they are small 1 sentence comments. Anything type of practice is good practice. Facebook and Twitter are also excellent ways to practice this informal type of writing and interactions. I encourage everyone to connect with me, the more the merrier! How do you utilize social media to practice language skills?

Jul 19, 2014 4:07 AM
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Hi Jennifer! so the title of this entry got my attention right away since i'm starting to do exactly as the title says...I've been studying English as a second language for a few years now (i graduated from an English Institute 2 years ago) and it's been great! i love the language but since i live in Latin America it's difficult to maintain the practice specially when it comes to speaking, i have friends that speak the language and we try to practice as much as we can but of course it's not the same... So i started to make some research about things i could do to improve my language skills and i found this website wich i think is great because it gives you the opportunity to connect directly with native speakers from all over the world! although at first can be a little frightening haha because you don't know what you might encounter around here it becomes a really helpful tool once you learn how to use it correctly! so my experience utilizing social media it's been very good so far!


July 19, 2014

Oops! I wanted to share and connect, but didn't provide the information: JenESL760

July 19, 2014

Thanks for share it with us. I'm follwing u on instagram.

July 20, 2014