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My First Informal Russian Lesson

Denis and I spoke for the first time last night on Skype. Within the first five minutes, he taught me how to pronounce the present tense forms for the verb "to drink" which I had been having trouble hearing correctly in online audio that I had been listening to on various online dictionaries, including Wikitionary, and also on I believe I understand what sounds I should be making now. He even taught me the past tense forms of some verbs, some modals verbs, etc. and we practiced a few Russian sentences too.


Typically when I speak with someone on Skype in an informal setting instead of during a lesson, I end up teaching them more English than they teach me their language, but Denis' English is at the point now where he really only needs practice speaking with a native speaker; plus he is taking an English course already anyhow. So it was really fun to be on the receiving side as far as teaching goes for once. I had to laugh at how you say "I want" in Russian though because it sounds like someone sneezing. Actually, Denis starting laughing too when I mentioned how it sounded like that. Hehehehe. Too funny. :)


We plan on speaking again soon. I can't wait. It should be fun. He is even preparing a sort of lesson plan for our next session on Skype. How cool. My throats was a little sore this morning. I think from straining my voice to produce all the Russian sounds last night. Hehehehe

Jul 19, 2014 4:41 PM
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Hi Shawn! I am glad to know that you are practicing your Russian!

Успехов в изучении русского!

July 19, 2014
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