Elena Benitez
Public education vs Private education.

In my country I live in Venezuela, although we have to pay for that parents prefer to send their children to private schools, what is your opinion? I appreciate your comments.

Jul 20, 2014 12:46 AM
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In my country, Public education is better, I never though about the benefit behind it. I did not understand why they care about that. Now I understand, some of famous company only choose students from it. Here also produce a culture under educational system. Some of kids are educated to go to public education. So they make effort to go in it, prepare for it very much but forget the meaning of life.

Private students dont care about it, though they get low price by social but they live for themselves.

Each side has shortcoming but It would change after graduation. Some of students come from public education would hide many sins because they are used to bear. So the sin is usually big.

Students from private education, they are like loser, They are used to be it. So the sin on them that is always seen. It is not surprise, but those sins they commit usually small.

Public students' sins are bigger actually.

July 20, 2014

It really depends on the country and the quality of public education. In certain countries, the public education is very good so there is no need for private schools while in other countries, the public education is poor and thus, private schools are necessary for proper education.

July 20, 2014