Can you give any suggestions for making new friends when you start a new job or move to a new neighborhood?
Jul 21, 2014 9:20 AM
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Look for interest groups in your area.  If you're a woman, join a woman's group, a book club, or a yoga class.  Do you have kids?  Join a mom's group.  If you're a young woman with no kids who likes to go out in the evenings, there are even clubs for that, especially near larger cities.  There are even churches now you can join that have social groups that are age and interest related.  Did you serve in the military or were a part of a school or other organization?  There might be an alumni group nearby you could join.  Whatever you do, though, you have to be intentional about making friends.  If you go out to the grocery store and meet someone and end up having a conversation, don't just walk away.  Say, "I really enjoyed talking to you.  You know something?  I just moved here, and I don't have very many friends.  Would you like to just hang out and have coffee sometime?"  What do you have to lose?  I've gotten many new friends this way since I've moved to Miami.  It made me uncomfortable at first, but the ones who say 'yes' have turned out to be the best friends I could have ever imagined.  There are a lot of people who are in your same situation, but just don't feel comfortable reaching out.  Go out and get some friends!

July 21, 2014

Thanks Ana,

The link you mentioned really helped me, coz I work in networking field ^_^


I'm looking forward for few more suggestions,



July 21, 2014

@ Keshav

Thanks for answering. But people are always not open-minded. Indeed, I always initiate myself to talk to them. Despite it's the same.

July 21, 2014


July 21, 2014

These days I found an interesting article on Nature's blog, which is not exactly about making new friend, but it might help a little:

July 21, 2014
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