What is your favorite actor?

I like the actor Vladimir Vysotsky.He was a natural on stage and in life.

Jul 21, 2014 5:29 PM
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Instead of "What is your favorite actor," say "WHO is your favorite actor." Since you're speaking about a person, use WHO.


I love Ryan Gosling and Leonardo Dicaprio! 

July 21, 2014

I think Anthony Hopkins is a good, versatile actor.

I love Robert Redford for his looks. (I'm old)

I loved Sean Connery for his voice.

Di Caprio is improving with age.

There are so many...


July 21, 2014

Aamir  Khan

July 22, 2014

For me it's Tom Hanks and Helena boham carter the tim burton's wife

July 21, 2014
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