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What is the main food in your country when you have a meal? Rice and cooked wheaten food are main food in China.I wanna know what is the main food in your country when you have a meal?
Jul 22, 2014 2:59 AM
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Perhaps it could be said that Meat and Potatoes are staples of the American diet.


 Of course,  they teach in school about the benefits of the FOUR FOOD GROUPS:

The Meats, Carbohydrates    [ like Potatoes, Breads and Pasta], Dairly Products

 [like Milk, Butter, Yogurt, Cheese],     Fruits & Vegetables



  If you eat at the Fast Food restaurants (if you can call them that?)   FOUR FOOD GROUPS become:

(1) Sugar

(2) Salt

(3) Caffeine

(4)  Grease


   (ha ha ha ha!)

July 23, 2014

I read that nearly all people over the world  eat rice! Interesting... I think I will start a business in paddy fields and I'll surely make a lot of money :)


In Italy, in general, we usually eat pasta with fresh tomato sauce and basil or "ragù" (meat sauce) and grilled beef of chicken with salad.

Then every region (we have 21) has its particular recipes. For example in Tuscana they have "Cacciucco", a tasty fish soup; in Liguria they eat "Focaccia", a flat bread with salt and olive oil; in Lazio there is "Coda alla vaccinara", roast beef with vegetables. I live in Piemonte and we have "Polenta" and "Agnolotti". The first is like a porridge cornmeal which could be combined with meat or vegetable sauce; and the second dish is filled fresh pasta. Very yummy :)


July 22, 2014


Yes,i konw about rendang.I have eaten one time.I really like the taste.But unfortunately I can not eat rendang at where I live.

I have a friend is going to teach Chinese to Indonesia.I will tell her what you tell me.She can taste those dishes.haha

July 24, 2014

Bruce,what you tell me it's interesting!It's the first time I heart food groups in America.

If we eat at the Fast Food restaurants you can call them.

July 24, 2014

i'm from indonesia. rice is its main food, also with meat or vegetable alongside.

cassava is considered as main food also, if there's no rice in the mean time.


indonesian food vary from provinces (ethnicity).

let's say Sunda ethnic has their own unique food called Sundanese cuisine, consists of fish with lots of variation in spices, satay, chicken, grilled rice, and many mroe.

Another ethnic like Manado known with their spiciness and their unique cuisine, for example woku fish (in indonesia : ikan woku), cakalang fish noodle (in indonesia : mi ikan cakalang)

Padang has their own variaty of food, maybe you know about rendang, it's from Padang ethnicity and also Padang is a region.

July 23, 2014
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