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من يستطيع نطقها how can pronounce it?

الخوخ والعخعوخ وما يعخعخهما إلا فصيح اللسان.

can pronounce it the first time and quickly?

Jul 23, 2014 9:58 PM
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It has no sense, it's like in French, we do use some words in some words which have no sense in the sentence. In our case, they make العخعوخ وما يعخعخهما by using خ غ because you need to care about them all, also you have to care about the sounds of م ه because they can lose their real sounds. That's all Elias

July 23, 2014

I can but not very fast ;)

July 23, 2014

This is a tree I think

July 23, 2014

What about the first question ?

July 23, 2014

well this is my essay, and take in easy with me!!  :D Thanks anyway for the sentence.


July 23, 2014
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