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Words are the building blocks of any language, and having a strong vocabulary base is essential in improving yourself in a language. Learn to polish your speech and sprinkle it with a few fancy words to take your conversations to the next level…

Jul 24, 2014 12:00 AM
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I've learned a lot of italian and portuguese vocab this way, by trying to think in those languages and trying to name random things I see. If I dont know it, I google it or make a mental note to figure it out later. :)


July 30, 2014

I agree that vocabulary is important and that reading a lot helps improve vocabulary.  The problem is that in everyday converrsation people don't talk the way people write in books and newspapers, etc.  Sometimes I will use a work I learning while reading and native speakers tell me I sound funny or too formal or stilted, so I think having conversations with native speakers is at least as important as doing a lot of reading in the language you are learning.

August 24, 2014

I do not find your article useful because

1. before you are able to speak, you must first build a strong vocabulary base. 


I do not agree ..Before you able to speak , you need basic vocabulary not strong .

Basic vocabulary means the words which are most frequently used in spoken English. 


2. Word of the day, Flash cards etc.

This app does not make any sense in learning new words because the word which we focused to learn directly by remembering ...we will definitely forget it if it would not be used frequently. 


3. . Read music lyrics and TV show scripts

This is not the effective way for learning vocabulary. 


According to me ...if you really want to increase your vocabulary then 

Starting speaking english just by learning very basic words which are used most frequently...And then when you speak you face that there are some particular sentences or words you would not be able to speak ..then make a note in your native language of all those sentences and words... And in the end of the day you must find the perfect word or sentence of those sentences or words in english and learn them ...This is most effective way to increase your vocabulary. 


October 31, 2014

I like your article, it has some very usefull advice! :)

July 28, 2014

In some cases I think it is better to create flashcards with two words than one. (except idioms,and phrasal words and so on..)

e.g.:melted snowman,fallen tree,fallen leaves,broken vase,frozen ice cream,childish behavior,chopped meat...

You could say they are adjectives + nouns . But what are adjectives?

Fallen is the past participle form of the verb fall.

Childish comes from the noun child + ish.


October 8, 2015
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