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How many of italki users love Murakami's stories? And why?

If any writer in our period gets maddening fan following then he is certainly Haruki Murakami (I am not talking about Rowlingness!). When I started reading him I fell in love with the writer.The way he expresses his characters, sets his plots and narrates his story is something I have never read in any other modern fictions. 

What do you people think of his short stories? Is there a parallel with any other writer, in terms of style, texture or theme? What is it so unique about Murakami's works? Any opnion?

Jul 25, 2014 3:02 PM
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Hi Rina, Did you read 象の消滅(The Elephant vanishes)? It was in my university days that I have read "Ledehosen" (a short story from that collection) since than I am head over heals to his classy cocktail of surreaism and normality ... every person do search a greener pasture out of loneliness ...and where you arrived to you seems lost in time.... 

July 26, 2014

If I were to give reasons... I think I couldn't tell where his uniqueness lies. People may give reasons, but all in all, it's about a shared feeling, a connection between the story and yourself, something that gets your attention without you noticing about it. It's like preferring red over blue! - no real explanation. I enjoy reading his books so much, he's different from anyone else I've read so far! I would absolutely recommend anyone out there to read his works; it's the only way I can think of to discover all the wonders of his writing style. :)

July 25, 2014