What is most wired things custom in your culture, Do you like it or dislike it?

Helllo Everyone,

hopefully you all will be doing well, I want to know the most wired thing of your culture which is unusual according to you, and do you like it or dislike it.


In our country, I really dislikes that people go to the shrines and say prayers standing before the graves and ask for help from dead peoples.


So please share your wired things of your culture and custom.


Hopefully you will participate and share you culture in this discussion...:)

Jul 26, 2014 10:03 AM
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<em>Wired</em> means "connected with wires".  I guess you meant, <em>the weirdest things</em>.


I guess in Australia, the strangest thing is how we celebrate Christmas. We've adopted many of the Christmas traditions in the USA and Europe, but it's the middle of summer for us.  So while the folk in the northern half of the world huddle around a feast with a warm fire nearby, we're at the beach enjoying a barbecue.


Santa on a surfboard? Yep, that's Australia.

July 26, 2014

Everywhere they would have some weird customs, but that’s personal and very relative I guess to say what’s ‘weird’.

Certainty is something Dutch people love to have, so in some cases this leads to a compulsion disorder, checking everything twice out of insecurity is typically Dutch custom, besides if it doesn’t concern us personally, then we might tend to be a little selfish sometimes, that’s under the guise of:  as long if our ‘things’ are okay. It’s not weird to me that someone locks his/hers vehicle/home etc., although he/she might be away for 30 seconds. Liking that? Of course not, society shouldn’t be based on fear that would leans towards the tendency of biasedly distrusting others.

We would mash up the food before we’d eat- potatoes, vegies with sauce and such similar  get mixed by a fork and mashed e.g.- although I’m not sure that this is really typical in “our” culture. I guess the reason is that we like the food to be a moist balance, potatoes when cooked they tend to be a little dry and using salt on them is standard, but it came from war times when food was little and all eatable things were blend in to make up a decent meal. “Hutspot” (hotchpotch/ hodgepodge?) is a typical Dutch dish originative from that era. We also eat this ‘raw’ fish herring with unions, which is strange to some foreigners.



July 27, 2014

good day everyone


indonesia itself has many provinces with many cultures. i can give examples about cultural behavior and cultural ritual in here.

for cultural behavior from Javanese people, if he/she say "tomorrow" doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. tomorrow for them can be in 2 days, 4 days, a week, a month, or even a year. somewhat annoying, so i have to make sure when is the "tomorrow".

a good cultural behavior from Sundanese people which i appreciate, they are humble and kind (all ethnic are of course kind). if i met a foreign Sundanese on the street, he/she will greet me "monggo" or in english the closest meaning for it is "good day". they don't discriminate and will greet to people even if they are foreign to them.

cultural ritual differs in each indonesian culture. Batak ethnic for example, if a Batak person hold a marriage, all their family clan should be coming, celebrate, and each person has to give a present to the married one. after lunch, all the family who come will have to dance a specific dance which called 'tortor'.and they have 'ulos' as a symbol of their marriage unity.

in another culture, there's a forced marriage based on his/her parents choice. in yet another culture, animism still exist, and of course the spirit of their deceased family member(s) is/are worshipped.

now we're in Eid al fitr. every year in indonesia a lot of people will go home to their 'real home'. if i was born in Bali and my family is in Bali, while currently i'm working in Jakarta, every Eid al fitr i will go back to my 'real home', that is Bali. after Eid al fitr holiday is done, i will go back to Jakarta to continue working. in indonesia, it was called "pulang kampung".

July 27, 2014

@ Fracesca this is interesting, they do this becasue they have a lot of money and time...:)

I really like it this tradition or custom...:)

July 27, 2014

In the country I born the people of countryside usually the most olds use scarf allways^^ The most catholics special the most olds go in church and put a scarf in head, and usually the color of scarf change ^^ We eat snails/caracul and people always say: OMG IS DISGUSTING :p  We have the
Lent but just the most catholics do it :)

July 26, 2014
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