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Gerund & Infinitive

What is the differences gerund and infinitive ? Are there a differences or else we have to memorize all them ?

Jul 27, 2014 12:58 AM
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I knew that thanks for comment :)

July 27, 2014

A gerund is a noun made from a verb. To make a gerund, you add "-ing" to the verb.

For example:

In the sentence "I swim every day", the word "swim" is a verb.

In the sentence "I like swimming", the word "swimming" is a noun.

Therefore, "swimming" is a gerund.


An infinitive is the basic form of the verb + "to".

Examples: to buy, to fish, to run, to watch, to tell, and so forth.

July 27, 2014

Ok I get it

July 27, 2014

I'm new here , I don't see how to :(

July 27, 2014

good ! I am waiting for your message.

July 27, 2014
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