When to use Luego and Entonces? How do they differ??
Jul 28, 2014 3:56 AM
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I would add that luego can be ussed to express a consequence, as in: Ya he cenado luego no tengo hambre = I had dinner already so I am not hungry

August 1, 2014

Hi Rebekah, in my opinion:


Entonces: is a condition, for example if you say "If you do not come at 3pm then do not come" (Si no llegas a las 3 pm entonces no vengas". It can also be used to talk about a past or future indefinitely, for example, "Back then..." (En aquel entonces...")


Luego: Talk about time, for example "Nos vemos luego" = "See you later"



July 29, 2014

I played football and then I broken my finger. (Yo jugué al fútbol y entonces me rompí el dedo).

I broken my finger, then I went to the hospital. (Yo me rompí el dedo, luego fuí al hospital).


Entonces = in this moment. Me rompí el dedo entonces/en ese momento.

Luego = after to do something. Fuí al hospital luego/después de romperme el dedo. 


Espero haber ayudado. (I hope to have helped you).

July 28, 2014

Entonces is condition " I did this and then pass it "

Luego is to say that first and then something Else " eat after work "

July 28, 2014
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