Сommunication with foreigner

Do u become tired of communication with foreigner, ′cause u think he doesn′t like u can′t speak fluently?  

Because u surely freelier communicate with smb who is similar.  And also sometimes u can′t see foreigners, understand who he is, so does it stop u?  How to overcome it?

Jul 28, 2014 8:16 PM
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 If you have   encountered the kind of difficult situation where your language partner does not use the web cam,  seems intolerant of your attempts, and  causes you to feel unliked, I think you need to choose a different language partner.


   I hope you will not feel that many others will be like that.  I hope they will not be like that for you.

July 28, 2014




Can you make a conversation with me beacuse I want someone learning English

and thank you

July 29, 2014

Thank u very much, Bruce

July 28, 2014