About italki, Ideas to improve the site, share your ideas too :)

1. My exeprience :

In my opinion and after few days in Italki, I see Italki is the best social network for learning languages, at least from the sites I know.

The best thing in this site is that you find people who can correct essays,notebooks you write here , Also you find answers from native speakers about languages.

Also, you find many people study hard to learn languages , you find them post essays,notebooks and ask questions periodically .. all of that make you have a big motivation to study hard like them and learn languages you desire to learn.

About partenrs, not everyone is serious here, not enough to see someone types in his profile that he wants to learn language, for me I try to find 2 partenrs : one who wants to learn Arabic so I can help him with that and he helps me learn English , and another one who wants to imporve his English too so we can practice toghether, but I didn't find any of them till now because it's hard to find serious people and sometimes they have partners already or they study with their own way , luckyone who finds serious partners :)


2. Ideas to improve the site :

1- Site should have mobile app, even the mobile site deosn't work well

2-many guys I think is here to find girls to chat , this site is not chat rooms or public social site , this site is for learning languages only .. the site should find a solution for this.

3- I want to know who like my notebooks, questions, notebooks or my comments even.

4- If I see good essay or good question for the language I learn , I want to have a way to get notifications when someone answer, correct or comment, because I may forget to check it after.

5- I want to have an option to modify or delete my posts in the site.

5- I don't know why you should certain language when you post any discussion, sometimes there're general discussions for all languages.


That's all ideas I have remembered when I typed this, If you have any other ideas you can add it here :)

Jul 28, 2014 8:29 PM
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I agree with most of your points except for 2.2, 2.3 you get me confused in there. First you point that you don't want any social relation with anybody on this website and then you seems to care who like your notebooks, questions or comments.

Who like your notebook, comment isn't really matter for PURE learning pourpse, is it?


I'm afraid but this is an exacly public social website with primary target of learning new languages. We ain't robots, we are people and people always get in some social relations with others.

July 29, 2014

what can be imoral for ones can be moral for anothers that change ^^ when I don't like someone I block :)

July 29, 2014

Tomek block use exist :) I made that when I don't like someone


Now Mostafa


1-  Well I think the mobile app is fine you can't forget you aren't in a pc and that change mobile to mobile and also if you have a good internet on mobile.

2- We are free to talk with who we want and send msg if we don't like we block is easy...Find a solution for what? We can find partner languages for that we need send msg if someone annoying you block him or report and you will see the answer.

3- This isn't a facebook and for that they need change the softwar I don't care who put down or up in my comments or corrections I'm not in a facebook that ins't a important thing.

4- When someone comment or correct your things you receive a notification.

5- I allready suggest that one

6-  you just can put the languages you are learn ^^ exemple if I want write in German I can't put option german because I don't have german in my profil ^^


July 29, 2014

Sorry to hear. Perhaps "block user" function would be a good idea, if it not exist yet?

July 29, 2014

@tomak : you are right somehow but mostafa is right too .

here some boys are really rude , when they chat with girls , they start to speak about somethings that are not moral  .

we shoulndn't face these problems in special website for learning language .

morality , morality and morality !

July 29, 2014
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