What's your hobby?

Everyone can talk about what' your hobby here?

My hobby is drawing, design, music, sport and travel.

I got my first guitar which my aunt bought me for my birthday present when i was in high school.

and after that I am falling in love with my guitar. I practiced from time to time. My first song which i have learned was 'Love romance'. It's a beautiful song.


I started drawing when i was in primary school. My teacher told my parents their son had talent in art. Actually, i think i am just thick more deeper than other child. When i was drawing, I just feel like a different person. I mean i am so peace and quietness. Art makes me delicate. Luickly, i got in an university and major in fashion design. Unexpectedily, I went to New Zealand to be a exchange student for one mouth. and attended their fashion week in Dundien. That's a great time in my life. 'THE MIDLAND', 'THE HOBBIT',it's awesome.

talking about sport. I perfer X-games. I love Rock climbing. i am crush on self-challenge.


In the end, talking you hobby, please.

ps: I will very happy if you point out my grammar mistake. :)

Jul 29, 2014 1:21 PM
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