Ways of Learning Spanish

What methods do you find best ?

Aug 2, 2014 6:28 PM
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The best form of learn Spanish is living in a Spanish speaking country, but sometimes this is difficult; another way is speak with a Spanish native speaker without you moves, using webs such as this or Spanish academies of your country.

To conclude the solution is speak, speak, speak and listen, listen, listen. You must focus your efforts on the practice and diminish the importance of the theory.


(La mejor forma de aprender español es vivir en un país de habla hispana, pero a veces esto es difícil; otra forma es hablar con un un hablante de español nativo sin que tú te muevas, usando páginas como esta o academias de español de tu país.

Para concluir la solución es hablar, hablar, hablar y escuchar, escuchar, escuchar. Debes centrar tus esfuerzos en la práctica y disminuir la importancia a la teoría).

August 4, 2014

When I was a child my dad talked to me in English and my mum in Spanish I really didn't find both interesting to learn, my dad noticed it and he used to put movies in English with subtitles in English, my mum used to change the audio of Disney Channel to English sometimes I listened in Spanish and so when I grow up it was like an habit for me, the movies with English audio became part of my life as Disney Channel too. Also happened with music, I looked for the lyrics. Magazines. Any I could read, watch, listen, in English helped me. So you could do the same with Spanish. 

August 3, 2014

I really appreciate video course on BBC channel!

Grammar+vocabulary+video lessons

If I weren`t so lazy I would speak Spanish somehow)))

August 2, 2014