An English discussion group is being set up for Wednesdays.

  An English discussion group is being set up for Wednesdays. 

One student has already signed up for the   group.


The time for the meeting is   7 PM (19:00 Hours) /   Beijing time  which is the same as my 5:00 AM

(Mountain Standard Time)  in Denver, Colorado, United States.


 Group members  should be willing to use  Web Cam and be able to discuss light subjects which are friendly and which encourage all members to participate. 

Aug 4, 2014 11:39 AM
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  Hello Jonathan:   These are all good questions.


  Maximum Capacity is Me +   4 participants.

It is for  the students of English   but I think a Native Speaker  would be quite welcome.  So if you wish to participate  Wednesdays, you are welcome.  It is rather easy to create  many groups.  This is my  third Group.   Group 1 is all Chinese Doctors.   Group 2,  meeting on Sundays

has students from Taiwan,  Russia and China.


    This the Third Group  so far has one Chinese student +  myself, so it needs more participants.


  Do I have policy?  My one concern is that someone will seek to discuss  world affairs and  steer the group to angry  discussions  about world conflicts.   I had a  member on another website  once  do this in a group and it ruined the chat experience for all concerned.   I am sure you understand this kind of thing as you do have experience.



August 5, 2014

what it gives in GMT ?

August 5, 2014



 It looks  you  may be able to join us on  Sunday then. Let's give it a try.

I forget if  we had worked out the time difference, but you can use  <a href=""></a> or

<a href=""></a>   to find the correspondence with the 5:00 AM  Mountain Time Zone for

Denver, CO USA

August 7, 2014

Hi Bruce,


Thanks for the above information, I'm very eager to join a group as soon as possible and I'll wait until You'll find the availabitlity. It sounds great that the group meet went well.


Well my technical issues will come to end this saturday. So I'm free to connect to the group you'll be creating momentarily..


You're honoured to inbox me more about your French student if you desire.. :)



August 7, 2014

  Oh Kia,   I think you would have loved that.


  PetrelBear was there (and his wife), and he joined Jonathan and me  with Karina & Christine together

and we had a wonderful talk  which left a cheery memory with me all day long.  


   I will have to start a new group for you to get into.  Four is a wonderful number for a group, and Five might be possible.  I do not want to crowd to many people into a group though.

The Sunday group filled up, and the Wednesday group filled up.  I must start a new group so that you can get into one.  Never fear though. As soon as your technical issues are overcome, I will certainly 

have a group for you.   Did I tell you about my French student?   She is a dear friend.




August 7, 2014
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