Which is your most favourite thing and which thing you hate about your country.

Hello Guys


Tell me Which is your most favourite thing and which thing you hate about your country with reasons why you love that thing and why you hate that thing.


As far as my country concern is that I love living with my parent and else every thing I don't like becasue there is no law and order situation, Might is Right, No merit for jobs, electricity problem, lack of leadership and etc. 

Aug 4, 2014 7:20 PM
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My favorite thing about the United States is its fun and interesting places, the likes of which are not found anywhere else in the world. The city of Las Vegas, Sin City, is my favorite place. It is a blackjack or poker player's paradise. A variety and abundance of inexpensive alcoholic drinks are always available at most Vegas casinos. There are even a few Vegas casinos that will offer some drinks "on the house", which means the casino provides free alcoholic drinks for its guests. There is also a variety and abundance of inexpensive but still delicious food provided by plenty of restaurants. Lodging at most midscale hotels that are located off the Strip in Vegas won't cost you more than $100 per night. Everybody likes to watch a talented magician perform his magic, and the most amazing magic shows are performed in Vegas. I think most people would enjoy a visit in Sin City. There are many beautiful Vegas showgirls here who provide the most pleasant scenery of the Mojave desert. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Another fun and interesting place is the state of Colorado. The Rocky Mountains of Colorado have excellent ski slopes in the winter. I want to get high in the Rocky Mountains for skiing or from legal recreational marijuana. The American heartland is an interesting and exciting place. White European immigrants changed the landscape of the American heartland from arid grasslands into some of the most fertile farmland in the world. The world's best steakhouse restaurants are here. A grilled sirlon steak from Nebraska, which has been marinated in Jack Daniel's whiskey and well-cooked, is the most delicious food in the world. The abundance of food here enables everybody to be well-fed.  However, many Americans overindulge in eating; and thus, America has the world's highest rate of obesity.

August 5, 2014

What a good question Awais! 


I'm absolutely fed up with politicians in Czech Rep. This is a good country being led by morons. It's getting better at this time but I'm afraid it will deteriorate again as it had happened many times in the past. I guess half of the inhabitants here are the characters described in the novel called "dobrý voják Švejk" and it makes me a little sad. 


I like things here such as black humor, beer, girls. I'm happy that religion is really insignificant here. I would say we have freedom here. I'm happy that not every piece of coutry is private and fenced as in UK. 

August 4, 2014

saying " the most favourite" is repetitive. Because there is no graduation with the adjective " favourite ". Something is either your favourite or not your favourite. You can't say, this is my more favourite than this...


Anyway, What I like in my country is the freedom. We are mucky regarding to this point.

The negative pojnt I think is the distance, if we want to traval to Europe or to anywhere else, it's very far and expensive. Fortunately there are airplanes, I can't imagine how it was before !

August 4, 2014

Unfortunately I don't like so much my country, at this time. If I have to balance negative and positive things, I am afraid that the first ones will definitely prevail.


The worst point is absolutely the government. Due to years of maladministration, there is actually no job, no assistance for citizens, and not enough money to preserve and reward our beautiful cultural resources. It's really a mess.

The few things that I'm still loving are nature, landscapes, the beauty of many our cities and of the little villages from North to South, the monuments, and the creativity in fashion and design that marks talian behaviour all over the world.

August 5, 2014

Hi, i'm from México and definetly mi favorite thing here is the food nothing like Mexican dishes!!! i mean obviously every person loves their food in their country, but here, here everyone that came here love the food and i said that 'cause i've hear about tourists, anyway one thing i hate of Mexico is that people don't appreciate their own country opposite their minds are so narrow!!! theyselfs thinks Mexico is dangerous or insecure but is not!!!!! 

August 5, 2014
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