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Hello, I'm studying english and I'm looking for the word to describe a man like a husband who does all kind of things that a girl or his wife say... i mean when a person is like a dog... for example: when a person say to a dog "sit" and "the dog sit" the dog is obedient. Please, someone help me with it...

Aug 5, 2014 7:12 AM
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Well, there is also "whipped".  This is a shortened version of a rather vulgar two word phrase where the first word is a common slang word for female genitalia and the second word is "whipped".  This concept is so prevelant, that it is not uncommon to hear someone simply make a whip cracking sound when discussing a man that is overly submissive to a female.



Obviously, you would not want to use "whipped" unless you were intending to be crude and insulting.



August 5, 2014

Perhaps his wife would call him a gem :-)

August 5, 2014

   When the situation  involves a man  constantly criticizing the woman,  the issue is termed   "abuse".



August 5, 2014



   Technically, the man would be described as "submissive" I think.  A general term used in the USA is

"hen-pecked". However,  "hen-pecked"  (as a Chicken Hen pecking at the Rooster and dominating him)

is more like a constant criticism of the man. 


 There are  in the world, Dominant Women  who pair up with Submissive men, and vice versa.

Often, this refers also to sexual role-playing,  and some of that "commanding" attitude also  is demonstrated even in the normal routines of life.  In such roles, the woman  might be ordering the man about   generally, on a continual basis.  The man  accepts it because it feels convenient and natural to him.


  In my own marriage,  I find it convenient to be submissive in some contexts.  For example,  my wife controls the finances and the checkbook.  I can persuade her to spend or not spend if I need to, but basically, my wife assumes a management role regarding finances. If she tells me not to spend money in a frivolous way, I always listen to her.  


 In other contexts however,  I am dominant in my role. For example, when answering the door, or dealing with any official person,  I am the more convenient person because I think rather quickly and have a clear understanding of personal and public boundaries.


 So the two parts of the Roles you seek to know are that of the Dominant (Boss or Master) and the Submissive  (the slave). 




August 5, 2014

In Indonesia such man is called "susis", an artist even made a song about it. Check the video here:

August 5, 2014
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