do you prefer to live in another country ? if yes, why ? and which country ?

I actually don't want to live in another country ! I prefer to travel for a short term like travel to study or for a training otherwise I can't stay away from my family for a long time ! So tell me about you, can you live away from your family for a long time ? are you willing morally and physically to leave everything behind your back and go forward ? give me your opinions please and thank you :D

Aug 5, 2014 7:32 PM
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Good question Melek! I am moving to another country (Japan) in a few months, and I will live away from my family for at least a year. I can stay away from my family for a long time because technology (like Skype) allows me to still talk with them. Without Skype, it would be really hard, and I would have a lot more reservations about moving so far away! But, I am a very adventurous person and I have lived abroad before (in the UK). Living abroad was the best experience of my life, because it allowed me to realize that I could be independent. Also, my case is special, because I have lived the past two years with my parents in an extremely rural environment that has not allowed me to get out much, so I think I am more desperate for an independent life than most people =).

August 5, 2014

Hei Melek, it is really good question.I will leave in Russia soon that means I must leave friends, family and things behind. A bit hard but of course I want to make sure I could come back home. 

If I could live abroad I think Spain is great, as I have even been there for some months and people are friendly and nice place to live. But still, won't be forever, as even not so good, I prefer living in my own country with all people i love :)


August 6, 2014

hi, if i was rich enough i would choose brazil, i like beach, the sun.............. i don´t like cold weather

August 6, 2014

Hei Melek ,you put a good question .

I can live away for my family for a long period of time .

For me lefting behind my actual life including social life It's seen as  an opportunity to learn a lot of lessons .
I want to live a time in Germany because I like their mentality .They are winners , disciplined people ,and put accent on rules .


August 6, 2014

I want to live in Japan, South Korea, Italy, or maybe another country. I can talk with my family through internet, and actually, it's better for them if they live abroad with me. 

August 6, 2014
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