Tutor Stephy
Necesitas una maestra de INGLES? Do you need an ENGLISH teacher? :)

I am <em>not</em> a professional English teacher yet, so that is why I call myself a tutor. I am only 2 years shy of getting my BA in English. As of right now I offer one on one tutor sessions via Skype.


I can help with the following - Puedo ayudar con los siguiente:


<em>reading </em>

<em>daily vocabulary</em>

<em>idioms </em>

<em>TOEFL exam</em>


I am from the USA, therefore you'll learn the American dialect. - Soy de los Estados Unidos, entonces vas a aprender Ingles Americano. :)


My experience/Mi experiencia:

I have helped people from China, Russia, Poland, Turkey and Brazil one on one with Skype. I also help my husband who is originally from Mexico. 


I will help for <em>free</em> here in the forum when I can, but if you want to be a long term student, then I charge a small price.<em> Please message me for more details. </em>

Aug 7, 2014 9:51 PM
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Of course. If you need any basic help, then ask here and I'll do my best to aid you. 


If you'd like one on one lessons then please message me for my skype id. :)

August 7, 2014

Could you help me with the pronunciation? I need improve it!

August 7, 2014