What kind of music do you like?

I like any kind of music, pop, a bit of rock, indie, country, classic, jazz, bossa nova, etc.


What are your favourite songs at the moment or your favourites of all time? I leave mine down here, don't be afraid to share yours :D 


Disclosure - Help me lose my mind

Disclosure - Latch

Katy Perry - This is how we do

Van She - Jamaica (plastic plates remix) 

M83 - Wait

Imagine Dragons - Tiptoe

Mr. Probz - Wave (robin schulz radio edit) 

Afasi & Filthy - Bomfalleralla

Ariana Grande - Problem

SBTRKT - Hold on (feat. Sampha) 

Aug 7, 2014 10:10 PM
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I listen to a lot of kind of music, but I prefer rock.

I love eletronic music, pop and jazz too.


Katy Perry - Dark Horse


Radioactive - Imagine Dragons


Work Bitch - Britney Spears


Animals - Maroon 5


 Burn - Ellie Golding


Outside - Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Golding


Outlines -Dragonette







March 30, 2015

My list is way too long, and it changes on a daily basis. Off the top of my head, as far as music in English, Sade's cover of "Please send me someone to love" is an ATF.

<em>I lay awake night and ponder world troubles.</em>
<em>My answer is always the same.</em>
<em>That unless men put an end to all of this,</em>
<em>Hate will put the world in a flame, (oh) what a shame.</em>
<em>Just because I'm in misery.</em>
<em>I'm not begging for no sympathy.</em>
<em>But if it's not asking too much,</em>
<em>Just send me someone to love.</em>


August 8, 2014

Arctic Monkeys - I wanna be yours 

EXO-M - Baby don't cry 

Coldplay - Magic

The kooks - Junk of the heart

The lumineers - Ho hey

EXO-K - moonlight

The killers - Shot at the night

James Arthur - Recovery


August 8, 2014

Blur - Song 2, Girls and boy, Parklife

MGMT - Time to pretend

Radiohead - Karma police, There there

Kaiser chiefs - Half the truth

Two doors cinema club - Do you want all 

Foals - Inhaler, Black gold, My number

Gorillaz - Empty ants, Clint Eastwood

The cure - Disintegration, same water as you, for the edge of the deep green sea, A forest, Wendy time.

August 7, 2014

The way Sade sings it, you get the idea that the destruction of the entire world would bother her, a little, but her loneliness is a much more immediate and painful problem for her.

August 8, 2014
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