German Studies

Hi, everyone, I'd appreciate it if someone who knows German would be able to contact me. One of my biggest problems - is building a German court. And understanding German grammar.

Aug 8, 2014 7:58 AM
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(My guess is that you mean a German sentence?)  


אם את רצית להגיד שקשה לך להרכיב משפט בשפה הגרמנית, המילה באנגלית ל"משפט" היא)


(המילה שהתמשת בה היא בית משפט 


August 9, 2014

Do oyu have a specific question? I could help you. How or from what are you learning german?

August 22, 2014

Ich kann dir helfen, Deutsche Grammatik ist einfacher als Englische Grammatik, die einzige Probleme mit Deutschen Grammatik sind der Akkusativ und Dativ, aber mit Üben und Zeit wäre alles einfach.


I can help you, German grammar is easier than English grammar, the only problem with German grammar are the accusative and dative cases, but with practice and time things would be easier.



August 16, 2014