True or False       
<em><font color="#000000"><font face="Century Gothic"><font color="darkred">Hi Guyz and.... girls</font>
<img border="0" class="inlineimg" title="ها ها هااا .." alt="" src="" />
<font color="red">I found this game</font>

<font color="darkorange">and i think it's interesting game</font>

</font><font color="yellow"><font face="Century Gothic"><font size="4">The game</font>:
</font></font><font face="Century Gothic"><font color="yellowgreen"><font color="palegreen">The first participant writes a sentence then the next partcipant answers with True or False.
Then he/she writes another sentence and so on</font>..
</font><font face="Century Gothic"><font color="lime">Note: The sentences can be reality,rumor,lie,funny,seriously and etc.
</font><font face="Century Gothic"><font color="paleturquoise">Example:
<font color="mediumturquoise">Participant A:</font> <font color="darkslateblue">The chair has legs</font>.

<font color="mediumturquoise">Participant B:</font> <font color="darkslateblue">True</font></font></font>
<font color="#000000"><font face="Century Gothic"><font color="darkslateblue"> dogs can fly.</font>

<font color="mediumturquoise">Participant C:</font> </font><font face="Century Gothic"><font color="darkslateblue">False
</font></font><font face="Century Gothic"><font color="darkslateblue">And so on..
<font color="blue">Got it<img border="0" class="inlineimg" title="أستسلم" alt="" src="" /></font>
<font color="deepskyblue">I hope you like it.</font>

<font color="#000000"><font face="Century Gothic"><font color="purple">I’ll start</font>
</font><font color="plum"><font face="Century Gothic"><font size="4">GirLz Can STop Talking
<em><font color="#000000"><font color="plum">
<em><font face="Century Gothic"><img border="0" class="inlineimg" title="مرح" alt="" src="" />
<em> </em>
Nov 26, 2008 4:26 AM
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False...... (for me)

If you cut an apple transversely  you can see a pentagram.
December 12, 2008
  False,,,,,<img src="/FCKeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/thumbs_down.gif" alt="" />

    Boys active than girls?
November 27, 2008