Country\City game      <font color="darkslateblue">this game is soooo easy and will help u alot</font>

<font color="#483d8b">our teacher always play it with us for the first 2min of the class</font>

<font color="gray"><img border="0" class="inlineimg" title="متهكم" alt="" src="" />HOPE U LIKE IT</font>

<font color="darkslateblue">so .. first i will write a <em>country/city</em> name and then</font>

<font color="darkslateblue">the person below will take the last letter and writ eanother <em>city or </em></font><font color="darkslateblue"><em>country</em></font>

<font size="4"><font color="gray">EXAMPLE</font></font>

<font color="darkslateblue"><img border="0" class="inlineimg" title="متفاجئ" alt="" src="" />person above:</font><font color="teal">GermanY</font>
<font color="darkslateblue"><font color="teal">person below:</font> Yeman<img border="0" class="inlineimg" title="مفجوع" alt="" src="" /></font>

<font color="darkslateblue">and so on ...........understod?.................. so i'll start</font>

<font size="7"><font color="darkred">Canada</font></font>
Nov 26, 2008 4:33 AM
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well, i also use to do this same game, but to be able to use it in all levels i use all kinds of words, so the students are free to use the words they know, and it's interesting because they try to remember all the words they've learned or heard of in movies or songs or even in their daily life.
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December 11, 2008
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