What can we do??!! Hi everyone,,,,,
 I hope everyone doing fine,,,,,,
 Yeah,, we are in this group  <em>BUT </em>  WHY??!! everyone will says to learn English BUT HOW we can do that,,,,, everyone have an idea to best way to learn English  ,,,,,, So we want from everyone left him ot her idea for best way to learn Engihs BUT don't write what others say about how to learn We need your ideas,,,,,,,
also if you have  a good idea to make this group the best your are  welcome,,,,,

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Dec 30, 2008 8:42 AM
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Yes! We want keep company with smb., and online talking..
February 5, 2009
Hi every body , I think the best way for learning english is to be watching movies , listening the english musics, speaking with other people , these are the practical and easy way for learning any languages ......
January 2, 2009