Oral examination... Next month I'm having an oral examination English. I'm always so nervous...Does anybody have some tips for me? <img alt="" src="/FCKeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/embaressed_smile.gif" />please
Dec 30, 2008 6:55 PM
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If you have to read something, first thing to do is look for the main idea. Get the main idea, try found the words that are important and when you have to answer a question, just organize to answer based on the main idea using the most important words.
January 2, 2009
Hello, Thanks for the good tips! They will certainly help me!<img alt="" src="/FCKeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/wink_smile.gif" />
January 1, 2009

hello you can a lot excirsses to improve your prounacation you do for a walk very long and try to do read an basic or elemantry english book  wiht voice ı thınk they will help you may be 

January 1, 2009
Just try to express yourself, make yourself known. And you are the best!
December 31, 2008
let it be a normal text ----------------corrected
December 31, 2008
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