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I used to be really good at speaking English. But since i learned German, things had changed. I cannot speak or write English perfectly as i could. My English grammar point from 8/10 went straight down to 6/10. It would not bother me if my German was not so sucked. German is my third language. I even planned to learn more (before having taken German class). I do not have any experience of studying more than one foreign laguage and maintain perfectly the other(s). I know i need a effective system but i have no idea. Please if you can help or you had succeed in apply some kind studying methors, let me know.

Mar 27, 2015 3:08 PM
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All of the above plus some grammar classes.


If you mixed the grammar and the sentence structure of english and german, I think you should re-learn them in a very systematic way.


My english deteriorated because of the same reason. I am trying to fix what I can by writing, speaking and practicing. Reading and watching can help, but not as much. You have to force your brain to produce correct sentences with the correct syntax.


I'd like to hear more suggestions. I have just recently stopped writing things like "kitschen"





March 27, 2015

3. Make sure you have fun! Don't just read textbooks all the time. Play videogames in English, watch movies, listen to music, do whatever you enjoy, just do it in English!


4. Here's a list of sites to get you started:
- YOUTUBE: (history of Scotland) (history of British food) (history of Celtic Britain)

March 27, 2015


     - Writing: Write a short paragraph in English at least once a day and post it onto iTalki.

     - Writing/Speaking: Talk with native speakers as often as you can. This will help you to see real life speech in use.

     - Listening: Search for 'English listening practice', and you'll find many sites which will help you develop your listening skills. Here's one I just found: ; Listening is the hardest thing to improve, so don't worry about it too much! Try your best to listen to at least 30 minutes of English per day, though, and you'll see improvements really quickly!

     - Reading: Use to learn new words. Trust me, it helps a lot!

     - Listening: Search for documentaries on YouTube. There are hundreds! 



     - Reading: Newspapers, Blogs, Books, Recipes, basically anything in English!

     - Listening: The radio, Films (<em>without subtitles</em>), News broadcasts (<em>without subtitles</em>)

     - Speaking: If you can't talk to native speakers, record yourself speaking, then listen to yourself.



March 27, 2015