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Hi All! We are a group of friends, most of us having met on italki, who recently set up a language club on WhatsApp where people representing different cultures, having different mother tongues can come together, practising a variety of languages. We have members from different parts of the world, but the group is currently learning and teaching English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.


When setting up the club, I wanted to create a place where everyone can practise their target language, while getting to know each other's cultures at the same time. The group has developed into a wondeful community, where members can help each other learn a variety of languages, become familiar with different cultures, while becoming friends in the process.


We always welcome new members who would like to learn one or more languages. Please be advised that our group is very active most of the time, so if you don't sign in for a day, you are likely to be received by several hundred messages. Also, our group consists of several crazy people, who will keep you chatting even if you wanted to do something else and make time pass without people noticing. If you are fine with this and are willing to join in the fun, you will definitely fit into our community.


The club started with a general chat forum, but it became evident soon that some of the members had a great time talking to each other, so creating smaller groups with less members seemed necessary. We have groups for every language family, for people learning those languages or being a native speaker of them. These groups make it possible to talk in a family atmosphere and form friendships in the process.


We ask that new members first take part in the general chat forum, so that we can get to know you better. If you keep being an active member, take language learning seriously and are comfortable being surrounded by crazy people, you can be added to the smaller groups if the members agree. There you can practise your target languages, help other members learn your language and talk about a wide range of topics.


If you would like to join us, please send me a message with your WhatsApp number. We hope to welcome you among our members soon.

Apr 27, 2015 8:58 AM
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As a member of the group I would like to say that this has been a great experience so far.

If you haven't been lucky to find a native speaker of your target language it will be easier for you to do in this group where everyone share their passion for cultures and languages.

We've been active for over 2 weeks and all members are already taking a part of amazing ideas to achieve our goals together.

This is a great chance to help others learn your native language and to learn your target language as well. It's not all about languages grammar rules, by participating in this club you will also learn from others' culture and country, and why not.. making some amazing international friends? Does it sound like a fun experience? It is.


You're all welcome to join us.

April 27, 2015

it's so amazing experience alot of people from all over the world alot of traditions we all are kind and good persons alot of languages ,, they're so helpful ,, for example ,, yesterday i asked for something in spanish  and the result was more than 3 or 4 replied me i really appreciate your efforts tunde thank you  i wish you always the best ,,,,  :-)

April 27, 2015

People there are very extroverted and funny. If you like to chat plus if you like languages, that's your chance to be in a group that works 24/7.

April 27, 2015


I'm a part of that group too and I have to say it's exciting to communicate with all these people whose goal is same to mine. The ones who can't stand the challenge get sifted out pretty quickly BUT ONES WHO STAY ARE WORTH IT!! They are witty, knowledgeable and, as a rule, a little bit crazy! So it's not your everyday boring chat with dry education and silent partners ignoring your questions! NO, no, no and no! Everyone is active and sociable, ready to share materials and thoughts. And we REALLY TRY TO MAKE EVERYONE FEEL WELCOME. If you get on well with us, we are actually HAPPY TO SEE YOU.

Somebody might write you a line, next person may follow and soon everybody will have fun chatting and sharing experiences!

Also, we have a really reliable, active, loyal and kinda workaholic Leader - our dear Tünde.

If you have questions and she has a minute - she'll help you, she won't be unavailable, she's always here for us - that's what we love in her.

Anyway, I'm glad to be with you, guys, and I want that to last as long as it's possible!


Sincerely yours,

the LQ's Evil Mastermind >:0


April 29, 2015

Thank you, Ana and Matheus! I'm really glad that such a wonderful group has come together and that we formed a close community in such a short time. This is the best way to develop our language skills, and it's wonderful to find new, international friends. I feel that my Spanish is gradually improving since talking to members in the group on a daily basis. I'm really grateful for all of you who are making this group such a wonderful place. :)

April 27, 2015
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