Many leading Moroccan personalities have contributed during the past decades in making the history of Morocco and the entire world, and the personalities have diversified in many fields (medicine, engineering, agriculture, industry, literature and travel, and art) and we will mention to you in the coming lines how these Moroccan personalities changed the future and history of Morocco. And the characters were not only men, but there are women characters who made the history of Morocco. The traveler Ibn Battuta Ibn Battut specialized in travel literature, as he traveled around the world on a long journey that took thirty years in the Middle Ages, and he narrated adventures around the world in his famous travel book (Ibn Battuta), and many travelers tried to follow in his footsteps and write a book of travels It is similar to his book, but Ibn Battuta’s book remained the most famous travel book throughout the ages, and is ultimately credited with inventing the literature of travel writing, and Ibn Battuta died and his name did not leave with him, but remained immortal with his book and was buried in Tangier
Sep 29, 2022 9:50 AM