Javaid Azim
Professional Teacher
URDU LANGUAGE TEACHING IN JAPAN, CREDIT GOES TO HONORABLE Prof: Kataoka. The teaching of Urdu Language in Japan, began with the establishment of Tokyo School of Foreign Studies in 1908. Honorable Prof: Kataoka, describes this interesting fact that Urdu was introduced in Japan in 1663, when a ship came to Nagasaki. The captain of that ship was a "Moor" or "Muslim". Prof Nagashima has discovered a Polyglot, compiled in Nagasaki in the year 1796. This Polyglot became the First & Oldest Referance of Urdu Language in Japan. Honorable Prof: Kataoka eleborated how hard Prof: Suzuki Takishi worked to popularise Urdu in Japan, and how he compiled a Japanese / Urdu Dictionary. Born in Saitama district of Tokyo in 1941, having done his masters in Urdu from Tokyo, joined Osaka University and taught Urdu Language & Literature there, before joining Daito Bunka University, faculty of International Relations, in 1974. Honorable Prof: Kataoka, really love Urdu. His under mentioned words are so precious to be written in Gold......." My sole is in Japan & my heart is in Pakistan, there is only one reply comes from my heart " URDU AUR BUS URDU ". Presently " Urdu Language" is a Faculty in the following Universities in Japan. 1. Tokyo University 2. Osaka University 3. Daito Bunka University, & 4. Kyoto University. URDU LANGUAGE STUDENTS IN JAPAN, can also take On-line classes, with the help of Urdu / Japanese On-line tuter. Every, Japanese / Urdu Learning student can receive "JAPANESE / URDU PRACTICE BOOK, upon request.
Mar 24, 2013 4:48 AM