How To Write A Good English PART #3 (3) Each sentence shows that you can express yourself very well if you familiarize yourself with SEE, SHOW, MAKE, and CREATE. Many words seen in published material are merely synonyms of these four basic terms. From here, this is what you can do: (A) You can begin writing your own sentences, making slight changes in the examples I have given, using SEE, SHOW, MAKE, and CREATE. (B) You can do web searches with each word, looking for examples of these words as they appear in published sentences. Copy those sentences. Read them. Understand them. (C) Four simple English words will form the basis of all of your knowledge. Beyond this however, there is another key to self expression and articulation of thought in English language. Become familiar with all synonyms for the word LIGHT. The entire Cosmos is made of LIGHT. If you focus upon learning all words which pertain to LIGHT Phenomena, you will bypass the common difficulty that foreign students have, which is this. ---
Aug 1, 2014 4:22 PM