what's the difference between video, footage and clip? what's the difference between video, footage and clip? I know they can all be used to describe a short video, but in what circumstance will people choose to use video/footage/clip? It would be very appreciated, if you could help me. :)
Mar 18, 2015 4:18 AM
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The word, "video," is often included when using the words, "footage" and "clip."


"Video footage" often indicates that something has been recorded, like a security camera recording a thief robbing a store. The police would ask the store owner, "Do you have any video footage from the robbery?" "Video footage" is usually used in terms of proof via video.


However, it may also be used to describe a section of an entire video, or describe an entire video itself. For example, "I wasn't able to attend their wedding, but looking at the footage that their videographer had taken, their wedding looked like a lot of fun!" This indicates that the person watched small portions from the couple's wedding video. Had the person watched the entire thing, he would have said, "but <em>having watched </em>the footage...."


"video clip" is used normally for online activity where short videos are called "clips."

For example, "I watched that clip of you doing a cartwheel." or "I watched that video clip where you did a cartwheel." In this instance, just saying "clip" conveys a non-specific meaning, whereas, when you say "video clip" this means that you are referring to a specific short video.

March 18, 2015
Usually the length. A clip is more like ~30sec or less and it was probably originally part of a larger video. Footage is usually a movie, it tends to be long, like an hour or two, and makes me think of the old projector style reel. Video is a general term and refers to any movie, or thing on youtube, or something you record on your phone, etc. Pretty much all things with moving pictures can be called videos.
March 18, 2015
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