It’s important to take a step back at this point in the year and ask ourselves how things are going in our lives and language learning. It’s never too late to start! Let’s take a look at some amazing stories from our community users! Full versions below >Methmi: >Melanie: >stephen matlock: Come and share your learning progress with the Community! You still get the chance to win $15 italki credits! to participate in our event #MyMidReview2022
Jul 4, 2022 9:03 AM
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#MyMidReview 2022 I have long dreamed of learning English. But there was little free time to attend courses. I have a family, children, a dog. And there was no time left for my hobbies. One fine winter day - January 1, I decided to start a new life. I decided to start by learning English. To a new life - with new knowledge. And by a lucky chance, I found out about the italki app. The application has changed my attitude to learning English. I no longer need to go to special training courses after work. I can study English in any convenient place and at any time convenient for me. The application is very convenient to find your teacher. I found my best teacher. Now I enjoy learning English. My child is also interested in the program and now he is very interested in English. Thank you italki team!
July 4, 2022
Hi everyone, please check out my post and give it a like if you enjoyed reading it :)
July 6, 2022
Always a challenge! But always fun!
July 6, 2022