Nirmani Konara
Today was a great day according to the other days. I'm saying like this because in my Math class today we started to do the syllabus in grade 10. So I'm feeling very happy at the same time I feel a little fear because I have to face a big exam in one year. So I'm quite feeling scare about it. And also today I'm happy with an another fact. That previously I'm very bore at History subject. Even I hated to it because I couldn't study History well and couldn't memorize them easily. But now I feel very good in History because now I have put it as a my favorite subject. And now I'm studying them very happily and can memorize them very easily. Actually now I can introduce the subject, History as a favorite subject of me. So I'm studying it very fast than other subjects. Now I'm really happy about the both facts. I hope to study whole my subjects by loving to the subject because when we are study it with a love at the subjects, we can learn and memorize them easily.
Nov 16, 2021 1:11 PM
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Good luck sis
November 17, 2021