Now I want write some words engaged with bathroom. I will write some sentence with this words. bath - wanna The bath is in the corner of the bathroom. toilet - sedes You can't use the toilet becase it is blocked. sink - zlew The sind is blocked. tap - kran The tap in the bathroom is dripping. shower - prysznic She stepped under the shower and picked up soap and sponge. bathroom scales She weighed herself on the bathroom scales in the bathroom comb - grzebień He dosn't use a comb because he is bald. pair of scissors - para nożyczek She use scicors to shorten her hair. towels - ręczniki The towels are on the shelf. razor - maszynka do golenia I am use my razor to shave. toilet roll - rolka papieru toaletowego This is our last toilet roll. shaving brush - pędzel do golenia I using a new shaving brush. duck - kaczka This rubber duck is yellow. liquid soap - mydło w płynie Liquid soap is much more moisturising. disinfectant - środek dezynfekujący The disinfectant kills viruses. electric shaver - golarka elektryczna I cannot use my electric shaver when there is not charged battery. toothbrush - szczoteczka do zębów He forgot to take his toothbrush. toothpaste - pasta do zębów I've never try that lemon flavoured toothpaste before. Do you now other bathroom words?
Nov 18, 2021 10:38 AM
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