Else Elly de Souza
The feeling of starting something new, the unknown. The cold feet of trying something for the first time. The electricity in your body when you get space, voice. A leap of faith. And when you get on the other side, a new woman. Stronger, wiser, full of courage. Again and again. That's how I feel at Solenis. From day one, challenges keep getting bigger every day, always with the support and encouragement of incredible people, who support me in my path and keep pushing me to go even further. I feel that I have a voice, a very powerful support network, people who choose the challenge today, tomorrow, always. The dynamics of work that allows me to learn about new processes, technologies and keep the learning curve always on the rise ... I choose this challenge. Colleagues, friends, customers, suppliers, different social interactions, adaptation ... I choose this challenge. Recognizing and unblocking limiting beliefs, being aware of unconscious biases ... I choose this challenge. I choose and I want to continue learning and growing every day, as a person and as a professional, and at Solenis I feel I have both space and voice for that. #solenis #choosetochallange #up #girls #gogirls
Feb 19, 2021 1:37 PM