Andrew Pavliuk
Our new balcony will be overlooking the nearest suburb. Also, we asked our builder to cover it with an extra layer of thermal material, so even in the most severe freezes, warmth will be guaranteed. Sounds great, but aren't you bothered that the balcony will be verging right on the neighbor's one? Nope. 2. Initially, I hadn't been listening to his ideas, but as he has started discussing the problems of the national economy, I have started homing in on his words. I've begun embracing the theories of lessening taxes in the sector of small and medium businesses and, on the contrary, increasing the level of subventions to them. Jack, listen to me, what he sets out is the regular platitude. Every time you may find some "big" politician recurring these words, but as they set about the economy, all these good-to-hear promises vanish away to somewhere. So please, don't rely on him. I know that you are opening your own affair, and because of that you cling to such words, but don't be naive too much, okay? 3. How did you happen to get this gash on the leg? Such a stupid story. Okay. I and Elza were strolling across this little forest, just off her village. We were talking on various topics, and somehow I hadn't noticed a tiny heap of branches, over which I tripped and flopped down, of course. So this is the way I got it. No words, next time just don't step out of your house and you won't wind up like this. I guessed it's not the time to act like a jerk. Okay, sorry. The last question, please - what you were talking about so you got so distracted not to even watch your stepping? Something about the longevity of certain species of trees and ... Okay, wow, haha. Enough... I thought I knew you well till now. 4. Why Tereza had walked to me and said that you nag her while shopping and she is never gonna do this with you again. What exactly she told you? That your every visit to a store lasts at least a half of an hour, so it's unbearable. I just shop around. I don't wanna overpay.
Feb 23, 2021 2:58 PM
Andrew Pavliuk
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