Mari Kim
This week I listened to a radio show. They talked about a term called Meconomy. Meconomy is a combination of me and economy Simply put, it means that we do shop for ourselves. It focused on what makes you personally happy. 소확행 means that you can get happiness or joy when you do something like you buy something that is not expensive for yourself; it can make you happy. I think Meconomy is a little bit different from it. It's spending money on yourself; it doesn't matter either something big or small. I did some research and read some articles about that. To keep up with the trend, many industries came up with different strategies to attract people's attention day by day. For example, convenience stores' lunch boxes are tailored to one person with various ingredients having good quality. There is a spike in lunch boxes that have a different menu. Some lunch boxes fall short of people's expectations might go away. When you go to a convenience store, you can choose a variety of menus to fit your values or use eco-friendly products! Convenience stores have diversified their menus. Like me, the old generation focused more on me and my mental health and material. It's more about the community sacrificing for the company or the family. But MZ seems to be very different from us. Could you please make my draft sound more natural? I'm supposed to use three expressions that I learned in class like "a spike in, day by day,fall short". I'm not sure if my usage is appropriate. Thank you for your time and help.
Feb 11, 2022 7:48 AM