Colon (punctuation) What is the most difficult part about learning Chinese so far? Now Is Good you can use it in real Conversations growing up in big cities intuitively I seldom listen to pop music, so I don't know too much mixing up the numbers 6 and 9 Exact Same to express opposite things He was not quite satisfied Detectives very restricted does she need to quarantine? sit outside Negation of past actions with "meiyou" rarely call me Good looks catch the eye but good personality catches the heart doing engineering looking for oil in Siberia it was built in the last century I was almost in tears there are many people everyday if there is a space, you can take the nucleic test For everybody I think it's ridiculous have breakfast didn't get vaccinated now siting outdoor is also impossible rules are more strict The government doesn't care about the economy
Feb 14, 2022 3:32 AM